How Colonial Programming

Impacts Your Boundaries

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Boundaries From A

Decolonial Perspective

A class to help you learn about boundaries from a decolonial healing perspective, to help you understand why you've been programmed to feel like you shouldn't have any, and why it is crucial to honor your sacred boundaries for your healing and liberation. You will have 12 months of access to this teaching.

Your boundaries are sacred because the system benefits from you not having any.

Peace And Wellness

Is Your Birthright

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Beloved, learning about and honoring your boundaries is essential to your wellness and your decolonial healing journey.

If you remain where you are, without sacred boundaries, you will continue to exist in colonial servitude.

You will continue to exist for everyone else but yourself.

You will continue to take on everyone else's problems, leaving no room for you.

I want you to know beloved that you are not responsible for the emotions and actions of others.

Continuing to live without boundaries and believing that you don’t deserve to have them will leave you feeling burnout, frustrated, full of resentment, in one-sided or exploitative relationships, and with decreased self-worth.

Beginning to end this cycle of colonial intergenerational trauma starts with increasing your awareness and shifting your mindset.

This means learning that having boundaries doesn’t make you a “mean” person.

It makes you a sovereign person.

You’ve been programmed to be a martyr, to be obedient, to exist without boundaries for the benefit of others.

No more.

You deserve to be whole, well, and sovereign.

Peace and wellness is your birthright.

And honoring your sacred boundaries will help get you there.

In This Webinar You Will Learn

What boundaries actually mean

How to shift your mindset about boundaries

What healthy boundaries can look like

How colonial patriarchal programming has impacted our boundaries

How to view boundaries as liberation

This Webinar Is For You If...

You continue to find yourself thinking that you don’t deserve to have boundaries

You are prepared to start the journey of unlearning harmful beliefs that dishonor your boundaries

You are prepared to unlearn how you’ve been programmed to be complicit in your oppression

You are ready to start the journey of creating more space for you

You sense that not honoring your boundaries is related to colonial programming and colonial intergenerational trauma

Meet Your Guide Dra. Rocio

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Saludos beloved, I'm Dra. Rocio, a Xicana/Mexicana Indigenous woman in diaspora. I am a Seer, Medicine Woman, Counseling Psychology Ph.D., and an unschooling mama.

I have 21 years of experience conducting cultural, social, and psychological research, 18 years of experience as a healer, and 17 years of experience teaching courses in anti-oppressive work and helping skills.

While I was trained as a psychologist and have thousands of hours in clinical training and working with folx in therapy, I have chosen not to be a licensed psychologist because it is not aligned with the colonial field. I believe in therapy as it is Indigenous after all, though I do not believe in the Eurocentric & diagnostic field of today.

I am multiskilled and yet, what I feel are my unique gifts are my heart, my deep sense of compassion, my visionary leadership, and my ability to tap into the spiritual realms.

My work is at the intersections of decolonizing, spirituality, and wellness. And what I bring to my work with folx is my psychic, empathic, claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, & mediumship abilities.

My supernatural gifts have always been with me, since childhood and these abilities also run deep in my blood lineage. I come from a long line of healers from both my maternal and paternal lineages.

I offer this work not as an educator, but as a medicine woman.

I am on the Nusta Paqo or Earth based Indigenous Shamanic medicine woman path in the Q'ero Inca Nation tradition in an apprenticeship with Pampa Mesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza of the Apaza family lineage and initiated by medicine woman Marilu Shinn as a medicine woman in Earth Based Indigenous Shamanism. I am deeply committed to this lifelong path and continue my learning. I am devoted to showing up in the way I am called to bring in the times of right relationship with humanity and our Mother Earth.

It is my deep honor to walk this path and to facilitate healing through the gifts entrusted to me by Spirit, my guides, and ancestors.

What You'll Receive

A guide on how to do a brief spiritual hygiene ritual before you listen to the webinar to help you to create a sacred container. This ritual will benefit you by allowing you to drop into your heart space, into your spirit, and thus helping you to process the information at a deeper level

The recording of the live 72- minute teaching

A 28 page guided journal workbook to help you to engage deeper with the webinar and the content

Spiritual rituals and practices to support you in your unlearning

You will have 12 months of access to this teaching.

Captioning available for those in need

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds offered once you sign-up. Please make sure this offer is in alignment with you at this current moment.

Will a transcript be provided?

Yes, a transcript will be provided.

Once I sign-up what happens?

Once you sign-up you'll receive a payment confirmation and a link where you can sign in to your account to access the offering.

Will captioning be available?

What if I sign-up and don't receive the email?

First, check your spam folder and then if you still don't see it, reach out to

How long will I have access to this recording?

You will have 12 months of access to this teaching.




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