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What's Included

In This Four 1-Day Retreats :

What's Included
In This Four 1-Day Retreats :

4 live sacred circle gatherings

Spiritual ritual so that you can show up as a clear vessel for the experience & so that we can co-create sacred space & protection for this container.

4 guided spiritual meditations & visualizations so that you can call upon your higher self to embody this path

Spiritual guidance for only connecting with & invoking higher frequencies, energies, & spirits to protect & co-create a sacred container.

Spiritual guidance for connecting to your precolonial ancestors and doing the work of transmutation and clear boundary setting with colonial ancestors so that they do not sabotage the work and we can hold protection

Practices to help you connect to Mother Earth in right relation to strengthen your connection with her & ground you on your jour journey without engaging in colonial extraction

Guidance and experiential practices so that you can continue this journey in a way that cultivates personal and collective wellness while doing the work of dismantling

Guidance to decolonize and honor right relation and sacred reciprocity

Energy work, somatic work, shadow work, and ancestral work to open portals for healing, for healing and deprogramming, and cellular recalibration

Clearing of colonial energetic imprints to awaken from the colonial spell.

Guidance and practices for alchemizing the energies of shame & guilt into a deep groundedness needed for the work of these prophetic times

Pre-work, & readings, to support your unlearning

A 30 page guided journal "workbook" with rituals, journal prompts, practices, and resources to guide you on your journey

Teachings rooted in Indigenous Earth based medicine & wisdom to shift your worldview and energy away from the colonial gaze, to disentangle from the colonial paradigm, and so that you can stop unconsciously colluding

A sacred and intimate container for you to be witnessed, held and activated to do the work of dismantling the colonial world & co-birthing the new earth

Recordings available for 6-months

Live captioning and transcript provided

6 Month Payment Schedule

1st Payment Due At Checkout

2nd Payment Due In June 5, 2022

3rd 2nd Payment Due In July 5, 2022

4th Payment Due In August 5, 2022

5th Payment Due In September 5, 2022

6th Payment Due In October 5, 2022

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